The trip has just started as the picturesque "Queen of Cyclades" lays grandiose in front of you.
On the first sight Portara captivates you, the giant door of the Temple of Apollo, while the castle in the heart of the capital takes you to different times...
Naxos...valleys that lead to wide sandy beaches, cliffs that sink in or hug the bright blue waters, springs and running waters, small and tall mountains next to fertile valleys...filed with sunlight.
Naxos...spread with beautiful churches, small and large, each one with its own history.
Every corner of Naxos hides a secret. Castles, fortresses, fortified monasteries, ancient temples.
The trip to this island will be you get to know it step by step.
Surrounded from the blue of the Aegean sea, Naxos generously offers what the visitor desires!

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